How to prevent hearing loss caused by occupational diseases?

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In my country, a large industrial country, noise is an extremely common occupational hazard. Long-term exposure to a certain level of noise can have great adverse effects on the human body. The early effects of occupational noise on the human body are mostly reversible and physiological changes, but if exposed to noise for a long time, the body will suffer irreversible pathological damage.

How to prevent hearing loss caused by occupational diseases?

Most of the occupations that can cause hearing loss are those with relatively loud noise. The most effective way to prevent it is to change occupations. Getting out of the noisy environment can effectively prevent noise-induced hearing loss caused by excessive exposure to noise for too long. . If temporary conditions do not allow you to change careers, it is recommended to wear anti-noise earplugs while working to reduce the damage to your ears caused by noise.

There are three main ways to reduce noise in industrial production. The most effective method is technical noise reduction, which is to control noise from the source through scientific and technical means. However, this method is costly. When industrial enterprises cannot pay attention to technical noise reduction, they often adopt the second method - restriction. Noise exposure time. This method is used by many highly automated industrial enterprises because of its low cost. However, it is difficult to implement a job rotation system in the environment of non-highly automated enterprises, and enterprises are unwilling to let skilled workers leave the workbench due to noise damage.

The third and most common method of noise reduction is to use personal hearing protection. Including earmuffs, ordinary plug-in earplugs, customized protective ear molds, etc. This method requires workers to truly master the correct method of wearing protective equipment, otherwise half the effort will result in noise-induced hearing loss.

In addition, people who work in a noisy environment for a long time should develop the habit of regular hearing check-ups, just like regular physical check-ups, to avoid paying attention to their hearing health when irreversible hearing loss occurs.

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