What should I do if I can’t hear my tinnitus to get better as soon as possible?

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Hearing is very important for everyone. If there are any problems with hearing, it will not be good for the human body, so everyone will be very nervous when they find that they have tinnitus and deafness. Tinnitus refers to the abnormal sound sensation that people have without any external stimulation. It is often a precursor to deafness and is caused by auditory dysfunction.

What should I do if I can’t hear my tinnitus to get better as soon as possible?

If you can’t hear tinnitus, you need to go to the hospital for timely ear endoscopy to confirm the diagnosis. Because there are many disease factors that cause tinnitus, make corresponding adjustments after diagnosis. The earlier the tinnitus is intervened, the better. Acupuncture can be used in the early stage. The treatment has good results. During tinnitus, be careful not to be in a noisy environment. It is best to be quiet nearby, avoid staying up late, and pay more attention to rest. If you have any uncomfortable symptoms, it is better to go to the hospital for a check-up.

Psychological adjustment. Most people are very nervous when facing tinnitus and deafness. However, the more nervous they are, the less beneficial it is to the treatment of tinnitus and deafness. Therefore, everyone should actively regulate their personal emotions in life and use good emotions. Allows blood circulation to obtain the best therapeutic effect.

You should pay attention to getting more rest at ordinary times. We all know that it is very necessary for each of us to get enough sleep every day. In fact, there are many causes of tinnitus. For example, often living in noisy environments or playing the sound too loudly when wearing headphones will have a certain impact on our hearing over time. In addition, staying up late and working overtime can also cause such problems if the body is overworked, so the body should be properly relaxed at ordinary times. The above are some of the methods and reasons I summarized.

Regular massage. Many people suffer from tinnitus and deafness due to poor blood circulation. Therefore, developing the habit of regular massage in life can help patients stay healthy. It is recommended that everyone massage regularly in life, especially targeted stimulation of acupoints. Allow yourself to gain health through scientific treatment methods. However, this treatment method requires certain professional skills, so it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using it.

Change bad habits. Caffeine and alcohol often aggravate tinnitus symptoms; smoking can decrease blood oxygen, and the inner ear hair cellsA cell that is extremely sensitive to oxygen, so a lack of oxygen can cause damage to hair cells. Pay attention to eating less fatty and sweet foods at ordinary times to prevent phlegm from accumulating and aggravating the condition. People with kidney deficiency and tinnitus should especially reduce their intake of warm and dry foods.

Avoid noise pollution. Sudden loud sounds and long-term noise exposure can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Therefore, high-risk groups (working in high-intensity noise environments) should pay special attention to noise protection, such as wearing protective earmuffs, earplugs, etc. In addition, do not use Walkman headphones at high volume for a long time.

Eat healthily. If the problem of tinnitus occurs, then first of all we need to pay attention to our diet. First of all, we must eat fruits and vegetables. At the same time, we must also pay attention to drinking more tea, especially green tea. This is an important guarantee for us to protect our neurological health. , is also an important method for us to alleviate the problem of tinnitus. Many dietary prescriptions are also effective in treating tinnitus and deafness, so it is best for everyone to pay more attention to their personal diet in life.