Do you need intervention if your hearing is bad as you get older?

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When most elderly people get older, around the age of 60, they will experience some degree of hearing loss and deafness. Although some people do not deliberately pay attention to this matter, there are still some people who will suffer from hearing loss due to deafness. Having difficulty hearing affects your life, so you will try every means to treat it.

Does poor hearing require intervention as you get older?

For the elderly, hearing impairment will not only make it difficult to communicate sound information in life, causing communication obstruction and inconvenience in life. In the long run, it will also cause serious psychological problems such as loneliness, autism, anxiety and suspicion. , being in this state for a long time will further affect the physical health of the elderly, and will affect their mental health, life, and self-care ability.

Unfortunately, senile deafness cannot restore hearing through treatment, but can only be relieved. Some of the medicines that cure deafness on the Internet are nonsense. Can deafness that cannot be cured by current medical methods be successfully treated by taking some unheard-of medicines and using some unheard-of instruments? Obviously unrealistic.

With the improvement of living standards and increasingly frequent social interactions, Hearing Aids have become an indispensable and important tool for patients with hearing disabilities to improve their hearing and living standards. When facing elderly people with hearing loss, they should be given psychological care to reduce their sense of isolation. It is best to scientifically fit a pair of hearing aids as early as possible, which not only solves the problem of communication for the elderly, but also gives them a healthy life in their later years. .

How to prevent senile hearing loss:
* Develop good living habits
* Supplement more trace elements such as zinc, iron, and calcium
/* Keep emotional stability
* Avoid long -term noise stimulation
* Try to reduce smoking and drinking
* Strengthen physical exercise

& nbsp;* If your hearing loss reaches mild, moderate or severe levels, you can choose to be fitted with a hearing aid as a way to compensate for your hearing.

When we find that our ears or the ears of our elderly people are not very good, we should go to the hospital in time to check the degree and condition of the hearing loss, and treat and wear hearing aids as soon as possible. Generally speaking, , the shorter the duration of hearing loss, the earlier the hearing aid is worn, and the better the hearing aid effect will be in the later period. Therefore, if hearing problems occur, do not delay, the earlier the treatment, the better.

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