Can senile hearing loss be left alone?

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Many people believe that hearing loss is a natural phenomenon in old age and does not require treatment or intervention. However, by the time hearing loss causes serious damage to the quality of life, it has often been delayed for more than 5 years.

Can senile hearing loss be left alone?

Senile hearing loss is mainly a functional deterioration caused by aging. If left alone, hearing will continue to decline, accompanied by a decline in speech resolution. It is recommended to intervene with Hearing Aids as soon as possible, which can not only improve listening conditions, but also delay the decline. Speed, the earlier the intervention, the better the effect.

Each of us has nearly 20,000 hair cells in our ears. These hair cells are mainly responsible for collecting sound signals from the outside world. As people age, the number of hair cells will decrease, which is related to the natural aging of the human body. After the hair cells are reduced, the ability to perceive sound is reduced, and varying degrees of age-related hearing loss will occur. After the signal collected and input to the central auditory system is reduced, the "use it or lose it" auditory central system will undergo functional degradation due to being "idle" for a long time, thus aggravating the degradation of auditory function. "Can hear, but cannot hear clearly" is The most important clinical manifestations of senile hearing loss.

Presbycusis is very common. According to audiological research, men begin to experience hearing loss after about the age of 45, and women later. As human life span increases, As time goes by, the elderly population increases, and the incidence of deafness in the elderly also increases. According to statistics, patients with presbycusis account for about 60-70% of patients over 60 years old in my country. Presbycusis not only affects the normal communication of the elderly, it can also cause psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, and it will also cause a burden on the family and society.

Hearing is the bridge between humans and the external environment. It is advisable to pay attention to hearing maintenance, avoid infection, trauma and noise exposure, maintain a regular and normal life routine, and receive regular hearing examinations to prevent hearing loss, early detection and early treatment.

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