My hearing loss is already severe at the age of 40. Will it decline quickly in the future?

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After a person reaches the age of 40, hearing loss can easily occur due to the aging and atrophy of the cochlear basilar membrane, auditory cells and auditory nerves. In addition, endocrine disorders, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc. in the elderly may also aggravate the progression of deafness in the elderly, with a higher incidence rate. Many friends inexplicably develop hearing loss after entering middle age, but they do not pay much attention to it. In fact, the impact of hearing loss on health is very serious.

Hearing loss is already severe at the age of 40. Will it decline quickly in the future?

Then you need to see what the cause is. Don’t worry too much. Excessive anxiety will lead to depression, which will also indirectly affect your hearing. Believe in science, many problems can be solved.

If you find that you may have hearing loss or tinnitus, it is recommended to go to a hearing center to have your ears checked as soon as possible. Some ear conditions are treatable, such as cerumen embolism. If you are diagnosed with neurological deafness, etc., there is currently no drug or surgical treatment to restore hearing. Early and correct selection of Hearing Aids will improve hearing.

Research shows that men’s lifestyle habits are more unhealthy than women’s. Men will habitually smoke due to work pressure and life pressure. However, what is easily overlooked is that smokers are more likely to suffer from hearing loss than non-smokers. Cardiovascular disease caused by poor diet can also easily cause hearing loss. In addition, excessive stress, staying up late, etc. can easily cause sudden deafness.

Just like your eyes become dazzled as you get older, the functions of various organs will slowly deteriorate as you get older, so your hearing will get worse and worse. But now there is a trend of senile hearing loss in younger people. People in their 40s and 50s may already have hearing loss. This is also related to our poor ear-using habits. For example, we like to go to noisy KTVs, Right, or those who wear headphones for a long time to listen to music, watch TV shows, and some people work in noisy environments, all of which will increase the risk of hearing loss. So we still need to take good care of our ears.

For the health of our hearing, it is very important to develop good working and living habits: staff who have been in a noisy environment for a long time should use anti-noise earplugs at any time to protect our hearing. Learn to release work pressure and life pressure well, and try to avoid a lot of smoking, drinking, etc.

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