Does hearing loss affect personality?

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For elderly people with hearing loss, we usually think that hearing is deteriorating due to age. Hearing loss not only seriously hinders the social interaction of the elderly, but also affects people's way of thinking and psychological activities. Among them, some elderly people are more likely to experience hearing loss.

Does hearing loss have an impact on personality?

Deafness has great psychological harm to people. Especially the elderly.

Hearing loss can easily cause the elderly to misinterpret what others say and often ask the other person to repeat what they have said. Hearing loss can also lead to inaccurate pronunciation of speech and off-key singing. As a result, in the process of communication, deaf elderly people are always at a disadvantage. They will feel inferior and lose face, or feel sorry for others and rejected by others. Gradually, they will not want to talk to others, and they will even shut themselves up. They no longer go out at home, and they don’t like people to visit. Others will also reduce their contact with these elderly deaf people because they are afraid of trouble. Eventually, they will gradually isolate themselves from society and slowly become lonely.

In fact, the less you communicate with others, the greater the harm to the elderly. Sluggish auditory response will slow down the brain's thinking, affect communication with family and friends, and reduce language discrimination and expression abilities. If you have troubles and cannot tell others, if you have grievances you cannot explain clearly, and always close yourself in a "sealed" world, it is easy for the elderly deaf people to change their personality, become stubborn, willful, and have no choice but to agree with other opinions. , causing endless quarrels at home, which greatly affected the physical and mental health of myself and my family. What's more serious is that some elderly deaf people are depressed, anxious, disappointed and pessimistic; some elderly deaf people are very sensitive after developing a sense of inferiority, and pay special attention to other people's attitudes towards them, so much so that they will even react to an inconspicuous action. A series of suspicions arise, and you are always worried that others are staring at you and scheming against you, which gradually evolves into hostility and attacks on others. If things go on like this, it can easily lead to a mental breakdown.

Do elderly people need treatment for hearing loss? Of course, not all hearing loss requires treatment. For example, if there is mild hearing loss caused by a cold, since the cold is a self-limiting course, the hearing loss will gradually recover as the cold improves, and generally does not require special treatment. But other types of hearing loss, such as congenital deafness, should be detected and treated early. For the elderly, if their hearing declines severely within a short period of time, they need to see a doctor immediately.

Help the elderly develop new hobbies. The biggest pain of the deaf old man is the lack of motivation for life. You can help the old man buy some small animals such as goldfish and birds to add new interest to his life. Let him interact with relatives and friends more. His family often talks to him. Although he cannot hear everything clearly, the function of conversation is not only to convey information, but also to express love. Close gestures can comfort the elderly more than wordsheart of. Accompany the elderly more often when going out for walks and play. Children and wives should often accompany the elderly person for a walk outside, and use vision, touch, smell, and taste to compensate for his hearing deficiency.

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